10 Things To Do On Sunday For A Successful Week

Rosie And Roo
6 min readDec 6, 2021

What you do the night before the week starts, primes yourself to have success.

One extremely focused day a week can set you up to save hours. It can give you clarity so you can achieve everything you want.

It is very easy to take Sunday as a rest and relaxation day before a busy week starts. But what if you could take pressure off yourself during the week. To make your week easier, here are 10 simple, yet important, activities you can do on a Sunday.

1. Review Your Previous Week

2. Set 2–3 Big Goals

3. Plan Smaller Tasks

4. Set A Schedule

5. Catch Up On Little Things

6. Food Shop

7. Plan Family/Fun Time

8. Schedule In Workouts

9. Relax

10. Start Your Bed Time Routine

Let’s go into a bit more detail.

#1 — Review Your Previous Week

What happened last week? Ask yourself what went well. What went wrong? What could have been improved?

You often have performance reviews at your job, so why not review your personal life and see what could be better. This is important for productivity and personal progress.

Learning from your past experiences is the fastest way to improve. Reviewing your past week will help you get more focused and organised for what’s to come.

Make notes in your journal. Come back to it during the week to see how you are getting on and then compare your notes the following Sunday.

#2 — Set 2–3 Big Goals

You have some big goals for the year right? You probably have some big goals for the next few months?

But to achieve these big goals you need to do big things. You need to do a few big things a week to get you closer to your even bigger goals.

Rosie And Roo

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